Privacy Policy

Intellects Linkup has a high respect for its stakeholders and the frequent visitors. Every stakeholder from our segmented group who register on a web portal like Student, Academician, Institute, Company, Corporate Leader their data is stored and utilized by our website. Every stakeholder is advised to read the website privacy policy and understand it. With this, the services provided by Intellects Linkup let you accept the collection and utilize your data as per the terms mentioned in the policy.

We Wish You To Be:

Public forum

Intellects Linkup officers are accessible to blogs and you need to be aware that, any of the information provided by you in these areas can be read, gathered and then applied by others who contact with them. In order to remove the personal information from the community forum or blog, feel free to contact us through email. In certain cases, we fail to remove the personal information of the stakeholders where we will communicate the reason for not removing it.

Policy updates

Our Company will update the policy in order to reflect the changes to every information practice of our office. In case, if any of the material changes are made, our authorised officer will notify it through email or through a notice flashed on the website to view and follow. We would like to appeal you to periodically review the policy page for the updated information on our privacy policy.